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Bell 206 in World War Z

World War Z (2013) - in this sci-fi horror movie, the featured helicopter is a Eurocopter AS-565 Panther (some of which is obviously CGI work), but first on screen is a Bell 206-L LongRanger (a TV news chopper, as pictured above) flying low over Philadelphia streets.

Other helicopters appear in brief shots as the city falls to a plague of zombies, and we see a Eurocopter AS-365 Dauphin leaving New York, another city that's under attack.
Dauphin from New York in World War Z

The hero and his family get a US Navy rescue flight from the rooftop of a block of flats in Newark, but the Panther transport's escape at dawn is delayed for a moment by stampeding zombies.
Panther helicopter in World War Z

US Navy rescue flight in World War Z

CGI work in World War Z
Some of the roof-top action sequence - with stuntmen playing zombies - was filmed on a soundstage that had green-screen backgrounds for the city-scape and a full-size helicopter prop with CGI rotor blades.

Eurocopter AS-565 in World War Z
falling zombies in World War Z

After the rescue we see a Eurocopter AS-565 landing safely on an American warship of the United Nations' Atlantic fleet.
Panther transport in World War Z

Eurocopter AS-365 in World War Z

In the middle-eastern sequence, Israeli military choppers (AS-365 Dauphin modified for air support and ground attack) patrol the skies around the gigantic wall that protects a stronghold in Jerusalem.

Behind-the-scenes photo (see right): shows a Dauphin/ Panther gunship shadowed in flight by a Eurocopter AS-355 TwinStar used by the production for aerial filming.
World War Z behind-the-scenes

helicopter patrol in World War Z

One of the Dauphin gunships (painted in the Israeli defence force colour scheme) strafes zombie hordes that are climbing the wall in Jerusalem.
Dauphin gunship in World War Z

Jerusalem helicopter in World War Z

The Dauphin fails to pick up the fleeing hero because 'suicidal' zombies keep jumping up onto the helicopter's landing skids, and their combined weight eventually drags the helicopter downwards so it spins out of control to crash and explode quite spectacularly.
helicopter stunts in World War Z

zombies epic fail in World War Z
Dauphin overload in World War Z

helicopter crash in World War Z

Eurocopter Panther in World War Z
Later, there are more scenes of Panther flights, performing ship-to-shore transport for refugees, and this reveals the movie production's notable failure to acquire use of any Sea Hawk or Black Hawk helicopters from Sikorsky.

A few words about the poster artwork used to promote World War Z...
While the picture (right) showing Brad Pitt watching a burning city does, at least, depict the correct helicopters that appear in the movie, the poster below features a Bell UH-1 Huey rescue helicopter, which is never seen in the movie.
World War Z poster art

misleading artwork for World War Z