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Who Dares Wins (aka: The Final Option, 1982) - Ian Sharp's under-valued action thriller is about Special Air Service (S.A.S.) commandos tackling a group of terrorists. In this great British movie, the featured helicopter is the Westland AH.1 Scout.

A training exercise in Welsh countryside uses one British army Scout helicopter to drop soldiers on the rugged hills. The chopper returns at dusk to pick-up the troops from a mountain-top.
Who Dares Wins helicopters

Welsh flight in Who Dares Wins
Scout hovers in Who Dares Wins

airborne troops in Who Dares Wins

In an SAS combat exercise, two men drop via fast ropes from a hovering Scout helicopter, down onto a disused railway carriage. A German policeman (from GSG 9), and a US army ranger, both guests of the British troops, copy the SAS example using another helicopter.
Who Dares Wins helicopter action

helicopter training in Who Dares Wins

SAS troops in Who Dares Wins
In the movie's exciting climax, three helicopters are deployed in the SAS operation against terrorists holding hostages at the US ambassador's house. The Scout choppers drop soldiers onto the flat rooftops, and then land nearby in the country residence's grounds.

Scout choppers in Who Dares Wins

While the SAS approach the scene, they prepare for action by perching, ready to drop on ropes, from the Scout helicopters' landing skids.
Westland Scouts in Who Dares Wins

Another helicopter flies into the scene with two SAS men on wires, hanging below the Scout, so they can break straight through the building's top floor windows. Real SAS troops volunteered to replace the movie's stuntmen for the final raid, and this makes the helicopter action sequence look authentic.

Three helicopters are seen picking up the heroes for their quick exit. One of the choppers perches on the edge of the rooftop to collect soldiers.

Overall, this is a great helicopter action movie, and a fine showcase for the Westland Scout.