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helicopter in White House Down

White House Down (2013) - Roland Emmerich's actioner has more comedy scenes than dramatic thriller Olympus Has Fallen. However, the helicopter action (and many of the exterior sets, too!) is obviously CGI work.

Three presidential Sikorsky VH-3D helicopters (an SH-3 Sea King variant), including a pair of decoys, circle over Washington D.C, before the morning flight - codenamed 'Hummingbird' - follows the waterway and lands at the White House.
presidential flight in White House Down

There is a low-flying sequence, as the helicopter crew indulge a president (Jamie Foxx) who enjoys his aerial tour of landmarks in Washington D.C.

Marine One in White House Down

helicopter landing in White House Down

When the 'Castle' falls to home-invasion by terrorists, the HMX-1 trio return, but are turned away from the violently-occupied building by enemy snipers firing from the White House rooftop.

A TV news chopper (Eurocopter AS-350 A-Star) strays into restricted airspace during the hostage crisis, but reports on a car chase across the White House lawns.
A-Star chopper in White House Down

Black Hawks approach Washington DC in White House Down

Delta force commandos in three Sikorsky MH-60G Black Hawks launch a rescue attempt.
flying under a bridge in White House Down

low flying helicopter in White House Down

On their mission to re-take the White House, the Black Hawks fly just above street level to avoid enemy radar.
CGI helicopter in White House Down

under the radar in White House Down

One damaged helicopter hits the White House rooftop and crashes on the front lawn.
Sikorsky MH-60G in White House Down

A second Black Hawk is downed by RPG and lands in a fountain on the grounds.
helicopter attack in White House Down

air defence in White House Down

Black Hawk in White House Down
The third military chopper is hit by a Javelin missile while it's deploying troops via ropes onto the rooftop. Burning helicopter wreckage hits the ground, but the tail section breaks into a room through the ceiling, and the spinning tail rotor almost strikes a tour guide among the hostage.

burning helicopter in White House Down
helicopter crash in White House Down

After the climactic gunfight sequence, the plucky little girl's flag-waving saves the day, and the three presidential helicopters re-appear flying to the White House.
Black Hawk wreckage in White House Down

Marine One returns in White House Down

HMX-1 helicopters in White House Down

3 Sea Kings in White House Down

One lands on the grounds, bringing the corrupt Speaker of the House for a final showdown with the President.
Marine One chopper in White House Down

Sikorsky VH-3D in White House Down

flying exit in White House Down
After that executive confrontation, the secret service hero and his young daughter are rewarded by a celebratory ride along with the president aboard Marine One.

DVD box artwork shows the helicopters in hawkish poses.
White House Down artwork

This behind-the-scenes photo illustrates the green-screen work that includes a prop helicopter.
White House Down behind the scenes