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Bell 206 as Kiowa in V
V series JetRanger gunship

V (1983-5) - this successful sci-fi TV serial was created by Kenneth Johnson, and featured reptilian aliens invading the Earth. It is notable as both a genre thriller and an allegory of Nazism.

V (for 'victory' or 'visitors'?) featured TV news helicopters on the scene as giant spaceships arrive to hover menacingly over American cities, and some proper rotary action - using military gunships and civilian transports - when the humans start to fight back against technologically-superior occupation forces.

A regular series of 19 episodes followed, but with lower production values, and fewer helicopter scenes.

There was a Bell 206 JetRanger in camouflage paint-job for its military role as a US army OH-58 Kiowa gunship, fitted with a machine-gun or rocket pods on its landing skids.
gunship in V

aerial action in V

rotary action in V

V helicopter action

Another Bell 206 JetRanger in V was used as a 'KDHB 6' TV channel news-gathering helicopter.

With its airborne camera-man perching on the chopper's landing skids, it was media copter playing an heroic daredevil role in the TV series.
JetRanger in TV show V

TV helicopter in V
V tele-copter

KBHB 6 TV news chopper

V TV chopper
news copter in V

Bell 206 helicopter in V

A bigger helicopter in TV series V is this Bell 412 'Twin Huey' transport.

Thanks to Estela Boiso for these pictures.
Twin Huey in V

Bell 412 in V