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Bell 206 in True Lies

Bell 212 in True Lies
True Lies (1994) - Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a faux '007' in this entertaining US spy adventure, which features some digitally-enhanced stunt effects.

There's a Bell 206 JetRanger used for aerial surveillance while hero Arnie is following his wife because he suspects she's having an affair. The helicopter provides air support during a subsequent commando raid on trailer home of a used car salesman (who's only pretending to be a secret agent).

Villains have a Eurocopter AS-350 to fly the captured hero and his hostage wife to Arab terrorists' camp, on an island off the Florida keys, where the bad guys load a Russian nuke aboard their A-Star and take-off.

When a tactical squad of agents arrive, in a Bell 212 and Bell 206L Long Ranger, to rescue our hero after destruction of the enemy camp, Arnie uses the low-flying chopper (Bell 212) to save the heroine (Jamie Lee Curtis) from a runaway limo on the seven-mile road bridge in Florida keys. He hangs down from the helicopter's landing skids to rescue his wife, just before the speeding car drops over the edge of a damaged section on the long bridge.

The Bell 212 and the JetRanger land, hurriedly, in a car parking area that's just off the bridge, shortly before a nuclear warhead explodes and produces a mushroom cloud in the distance.

Later, in airborne scenes over Miami, a gunman on the terrorists' A-Star shoots at our hero's borrowed Harrier jump-jet, while the plane is hovering next to a building, as the super-spy hero rescues his daughter (an early role for Eliza Dushku), who's trapped on a construction crane. Then, the Harrier fires a missile through a hole in the damaged building to destroy the villains' circling helicopter.
A-Star over Miami in True Lies

enemy helicopter in True Lies

"It's unclear which agency was responsible for ending the terrorist threat."