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Total Recall cityscape

Total Recall (2012) - this sci-fi action remake, set in the dystopian future on a dying Earth, has flying machines with enclosed rotors and futuristic helicopter styling in a fish-like design.

A police aircraft provides air support during the 'flying car' chase on a mag-lev highway, and it pops up as a gunship at the roadblock barricade on a suspension level before the heroes' car escapes from pursuit.

At least three copters patrol the sky around 'the Fall' lift-shaft building, where the British robot army mobilise for invasion of the Australian colony.

rotor-craft on patrol in Total Recall
Total Recall police copter

After he escapes from custody, the hero steals a copter and flies it from disused ground levels of London to his enemy's base.

aircraft parked in old London
Total Recall hero pilots copter

annoying lens flare in Total Recall
In the showdown, the heroine uses heavy machine guns of a copter that emerges from - and parks on - a platform of the rooftop landing bay, to shoot-up the bad guys and robot cops.

Following an explosion caused by the hero's sabotage, movement of the unstable building's core accidentally wrecks this copter when its landing gear collapses, and the machine is destroyed.

Finally, after the hero kills his 'wife', some rescue choppers buzz around the ruined building.

the obligatory exploding helicopter shot in Total Recall