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MD-500 landing in Terminator Salvation
Terminator Salvation (2009) - directed by McG, this sadly unimaginative, but nonetheless action-packed, sci-fi movie is a reboot of Arnie's popular franchise. It features a Boeing MD-500 leading the airborne resistance army's charge of Hueys (mostly CGI work) in one early scene.

The hero, John Connor (Christian Bale) takes off in a Huey to pursue enemy aircraft but his flight ends promptly when the military chopper is caught in midair by the EMP blast from a nuclear explosion, so Connor's Huey crashes upside down (with the crashing sequence viewed from inside the chopper). Other wreckage of crashed Hueys is visible on the battlefield in a rainstorm.

HK attacks in Terminator Salvation
There's an 'aerostat' hovering drone scout for Skynet AI system, and other enemy aircraft in this spectacular actioner include twin-engine 'H-K' (hunter-killers) gunships, one of which attacks road vehicles on a bridge, and there's a huge VTOL transport used as flying carrier for various robotic mecha forms (which are all quite obviously digital animation). See design artwork for the big transporter below.

Later, there's a Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey flight to rendezvous with resistance command's submarine HQ, and Connor jumps off the tilt-rotor aircraft's rear loading bay ramp into the sea.
design artwork for VTOL transporter in Terminator Salvation

A Bell 205 tracks the escaped cyborg from the resistance bunker to a river, where airborne hero Connor shoots at his running enemy and launches a napalm strike at riverside trees, but the low-flying helicopter is attacked by hydro-bots lurking in the water, forcing the damaged Huey to ditch in the river, leaving Connor to jump off the sinking chopper and evade yet more killer-robots.
Huey crash into river, Terminator Salvation

Black Hawk escapes from nuke in Terminator Salvation
There's a Black Hawk and an Osprey on the ground in a hanger during prep for the resistance fighters' last battle and, afterwards, there's a Black Hawk on a rescue flight in the finale to medevac injured hero Connor from Skynet HQ, just before the enemy's factory complex is nuked. After the cyborg's martyrdom, four CGI Hueys fly into the sunset. "There is no fate but what we make." Ack!