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sky crane with bus in Swordfish
MD Explorer on rooftop, behind-the-scenes in Swordfish

Swordfish (2001) - in Dominic Sena's heist thriller, a Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane (notable for its boom fuselage) airlifts the robbers' hostage-laden bus off a road bridge to fly over L.A. streets, where it smashes into a tower's neon sign (a CGI visual effect), wrecks an entire floor of an office block, and then puts the dangling bus down on a rooftop.

The computer-hacker hero (Hugh Jackman) uses a missile lauuncher to shoot down the villains' getaway chopper (an MD 900 Explorer, with distinctive NOTAR system).

This aerial explosion features a quarter-scale model helicopter, which had to be enhanced digitally, when the pyrotechnics of the filmed stunt work proved to be unsastisfactory.

The movie also features an Agusta A-109.
Sikorsky S-64 skycrane in Swordfish

Skycrane helicopter drops hijacked bus on rooftop

sky crane airlifts bus in Swordfish
Agusta A109 in Swordfish