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Strike Back poster artwork

Strike Back (aka: Chris Ryan's Strike Back, 2010-5) - this British TV action series is based upon a novel by Chris Ryan. In season one's first episode, Iraq, a Huey drops a commando squad onto a rooftop in Basra, for a mission to rescue a lone civilian hostage from Iraqi forces. The helicopter returns to pick-up survivors of the raid.

Later, the Huey flies another 'alpha team' into the city on a different rescue operation against some terrorists. Another Huey on patrol searches for escaped prisoners along the Tigris River, and arrives just in time to save the hero and the freed journalist from a shoot-out with Arab terrorists.
Strike Back helicopter

Huey in Strike Back
Chris Ryan's Strike Back helicopter

Episode two, Zimbabwe, has brief appearances (in stock footage, apparently) for a Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma, after the undercover hero escapes from prison.

Episode three, Afghanistan, sees a Huey flying over the desert location used for an establishing shot. There is also an Apache gunship (probably CGI) that patrols mountains on the Pakistan border, and the regular Huey searches the desert for the hero, missing in enemy territory.

Huey flight in TV series Strike Back
Strike Back season 1

Strike Back: Project Dawn

Strike Back: Project Dawn (2011) - season two includes a Bell UH-1D Huey that takes off during episode six's mission in Darfur, to save a botched rescue operation. The helicopter arrives on the scene just after the hero's final shoot-out with terrorists.

In episode seven, at a Kosovo airfield, the transport for a single prisoner is a big Mil Mi-8 Hip with its rear bay doors open during flight.
Hip helicopter in Strike Back

Gazelle helicopters in Strike Back
Gazelle landing in Strike Back

Episode nine has two SA 341B Gazelle helicopters flying commando teams into Russian territory. One of the choppers returns, just in time for a shoot-out with the bad guys, and then the Gazelle picks up the heroes.

Gazelle action in Strike Back

Strike Back: Vengeance (2012) - is the title for season three, and the featured helicopter is, once again, the popular Huey, starting with an appearance in episode one.

Huey transport in Strike Back: Vengeance
villain's Huey featured in Strike Back season 3

Episode two, set in Mogadishu, sees a US army UH-1 Huey hovering above a gun battle, at night, and the helicopter's sharpshooter kills some soldiers before the chopper lands for a weapons trade.

In episode six, a Bell UH-1H Huey takes off and flies away from the warehouse's loading bay scene. This helicopter comes back during a raid by the heroes, while some of the bad guys escape by air with a crate of stolen radioactive material.

helicopter squad in Strike Back
Strike Back: Vengeance helicopter

Bell 430 in Strike Back
Episode seven: at a detention centre in Zimbabwe, a military helicopter (stock footage of a MH-60 Seahawk) picks up mercenary team on their night raid after they get a prisoner out of custody but, in a continuity error, the Seahawk becomes the usual Huey transport (from the previous episode) when it lands at the villain's camp.

Later, in the same camp, there's a brief view of a CH-47 Chinook, which lands in the background as a transport for a contingent of departing troops.

In the climactic scene of episode nine, a Johannesburg police helicopter (a Bell 407; above on left) with one armed cop aboard, appears just in time to prevent a vengeful shooting on a hill-top beyond the city.

In episode 10, the Bell 430 is a police helicopter that flies over the city with the heroes aboard, until the four agents abseil down from the hovering chopper onto a rooftop.

Strike Back: Shadow Warfare (2013) - season four begins with a US army Bell UH-1 Huey that lands on a highway.
UH-1 Huey in Strike Back

Episode six includes an Aerospatiale SA-341H Partisan used to pick up the heroes from an abandoned factory.
Partisan helicopter in Strike Back

SA-341 helicopter in Strike Back
There's also a black SA-341 Gazelle that brings villains to a bio-weapons lab. The baddies take a hostage and escape in the same helicopter.

Gazelle in Strike Back

Episode nine has a Eurocopter AS-365C Dauphin 2 used for a 'hot exfil' rescue of the heroes after their sneaky night raid on an enemy hideout.

The same helicopter also appears in a daylight sequence, where it's used to drop two men onto a moving train. The Dauphin follows the train until our heroes stop the runaway locomotive on tracks outside the city.
Episode 10 sees a Huey flying over a US air-base in Berlin.
Dauphin helicopter in Strike Back

Strike Back: Legacy (2015) - in the fifth episode of season five, there is a rare Mil Mi-2 Hoplite. We don't see it flying, but it appears in one scene where the villainess (Michelle Yeoh) returns to North Korea.

The featured helicopter (on DVD box artwork) is the ever popular Gazelle.
Strike Back Legacy on DVD

Episode six features a Mil Mi-8 Hip transport flying the heroes on a rescue mission across the Korean border.

The Hoplite is also seen again, this time landed in a field near a tree.

Later, the Hip gets airborne for some proper rotary action as the escaping heroes have a fire-fight against North Korean troops.
behind the scenes on Strike Back

In episode nine, at a military base near Geneva, the heroes steal an army Gazelle, with its doors off, to escape from the airfield.

However, the helicopter is damaged by enemy gunfire and so it eventually crash-lands in the forest.

For episode ten - the series finale - we see the wreckage of that Gazelle crash and, later, there's a Black Hawk transport flying over mountainous terrain.
Gazelle helicopter in Strike Back season 5

Gazelle flying in Strike Back Legacy