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Spooks (aka: MI-5, 2002-11) - this British TV action drama is a series about the spies and agents of MI5. In season two's first episode, Legitimate Targets, there's an Agusta A-109 used for transporting a prisoner from a rooftop helipad.
Agusta A-109 in Spooks

Episode six features a US military Sea Knight helicopter and stock footage of the presidential 'Marine One' Sea King transport. Episode nine has a couple of Eurocopter AS-355 flights, including a police helicopter.
Spooks police helicopter

The second episode of season three features another AS-355 Twin Squirrel, used by the agents to block a road and stop the rogue spy's getaway car. This is the first properly dramatic use of a helicopter for a low-flying action scene in Spooks.
AS-355 in Spooks

The same helicopter is used again, in episode 10 of season three, for the MI5 hero's flight to rescue his hostage wife from the villains.

A new silver and blue AS-355 helicopter transport (see below) is used by CIA agents in a couple of season four's episodes.
helicopter in Spooks

AS-355 helicopter in Spooks
Spooks low-flying chopper

Season six, episode three has a Eurocopter EC-120 Colibri, flying the British agent to an American airbase.
EC-120 Colibri in Spooks

Season eight's first episode sees an Aerospatiale AS-355F1 used by Russian bad guys to kidnap the British spymaster. Episode eight features stock footage of a Westland Sea King used for naval operations overseas.
Aerospatiale helicopter in Spooks

Season nine has an Agusta A-109 parked in an airfield hanger, and a Eurocopter AS-350B3 used for transport duty.
A-Star transport in Spooks

There is also an Aerospatiale AS-355F1 TwinStar that picks up one agent from an empty car park.
Spooks air taxi

Because many scenes of this TV series were filmed on location in London, police security patrol helicopters (such as a Eurocopter EC-145, pictured right) often appear at random in daytime scenes, adding production value to this programme's dramas of espionage and terrorist crimes.

Spooks: The Greater Good (2015) - this movie is a big-screen spin-off production from the British spy-fi TV series.

In the first sequence, there's a police Eurocopter EC-145 providing aerial support for MI5 agents in vehicles that are stuck in London traffic.

Another scene has a British Boeing Chinook flying over the capital city.

A black EC-145 appears in one brief shot before armed police raid a warehouse.