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Spectre (2015) - the first sequence of this Jame Bond 007 movie features excellent helicopter stunts.

While trying to escape from Bond (Daniel Craig), a fleeing villain climbs aboard an MBB Bo-105 'Bolkow' that lands in a public square in Mexico City during 'Day of the Dead' parades.
Bolkow helicopter in Spectre

helicopter over Mexico City in Spectre
helicopter lands in Spectre

As Bond tackles the bad guy (in white), the helicopter spins around just above the city streets, and it swoops up and down, while camera angles switch between airborne close-ups and views from the ground. Bolkow stunt flying in Spectre

getting a grip in Spectre

There is a lengthy punch-up sequence, with stunt doubles fighting while they are standing on the helicopter's landing skids.
standing room only in Spectre

Bond fights s killer in Spectre
every blow counts in Spectre

behind-the-scenes on Spectre

Digital effects were used to remove harness wires and stunt cables from many shots, so it does appear the airborne performers are hanging on, precariously, with only loose safety belts.
helicopter stunt flying in Spectre

stunts on skids in Spectre
hanging on and fighting in flight

punch-up in a helicopter in Spectre
Spectre helicopter punch-up

airborne stuntmen in Spectre
After the bloody fight is over, Bond kicks the troublesome baddie off the chopper, and soon decides to throw the pilot out, too.

In a behind-the-scenes photo [right] - we see the A-Star being used as a camera-ship during filming of the helicopter sequence.

At one point in Bond's battle for control of the helicopter, the Bolkow soars through barrel rolls and a loop.

Finally, our British super-spy gets command of the machine and flies away from the scene.
Spectre behind-the-scenes

loop flying in Spectre

MD-500E in Spectre
Later in the movie, when the villain's secret base in the meteorite crater blows up, Bond and the heroine escape in a silver MD-500E.

Dauphin in Spectre

For the climactic sequence, Blofeld uses an Aerospatiale SA-365N2 Dauphin 2 as his getaway vehicle.

Bond pursues him in a speedboat along the Thames, and he shoots at the low-flying Dauphin until its engine catches fire and the helicopter crashes on Westminster Bridge.
getaway helicopter in Spectre

In this behind-the-scenes picture we see the AS-355 TwinStar, as flying camera, used for the river chase alongside the Houses of Parliament.
behind-the-scenes for Spectre in London