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5 helicopters in Special Forces

Special Forces (aka: Forces spéciales, 2011) - this French drama about an elite army team, begins with a six-minute action sequence featuring five military helicopters: Aerospatiale SA 342 Gazelle, Eurocopter EC665 Tiger (aka: Tigre), Eurocopter EC 725 Super Cougar (aka: Caracal), Eurocopter EC225 Super Puma, and an Aerospatiale SA 330 Puma. This movie was made using actual helicopters, not photo-realistic CGI, and the low-flying stunts are showcased by some good cinematography and tight editing.

big transport helicopter in Special Forces
Super Cougar and Tiger in Special Forces

helicopters in Special Forces

The raid ends with the big Super Cougar transport picking up all the troops on a rope, and airlifting them out of the combat zone with their captured prisoner.
airlift stunt in Special Forces

Puma transport in Special Forces

Later, a Puma transport flies the Special Forces unit to a camp in Afghanistan, on a mission to rescue a woman journalist (Diane Kruger) from a Taliban stronghold. There's also an Aerospatiale SA 321 Super Frelon ('hornet') which lands on an aircraft carrier off the coast of Pakistan.
behind the scenes on Special Forces

After the rescue, two helicopters are unable to make their rendezvous with the heroes. Following a 12-day trek home through hostile areas and rugged desert landscapes, the heroine finally reaches safety. A French admiral promptly joins her for a two-helicopter SAR flight to find and medevac the last couple of injured soldiers.