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Smallville (2001-11) - this telefantasy series, created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, is about the young life and times of DC comics' icon Clark Kent, alias Superman (played by the perfectly cast Tom Welling). There is a Bell 206 JetRanger used by billionaire Lionel Luthor (John Glover) as his private air taxi between Metropolis city and Kansas town Smallville, and the helicopter makes its first notable appearance in a slow-motion landing sequence from season one finale, Tempest.
LuthorCorp JetRanger in Smallville

In season two episode, Nocturne, the super-strong villain Byron stops Luthor's helicopter taking off from the mansion's lawn. With his bare hands, the vengeful Byron tips Luthor's hovering JetRanger over sideways, turning its whirling rotor blades into grass cutters, and then he pulls the chopper back upright and slams it down on the ground.

In Fever, the cops in pursuit of a pickup truck get airborne help from a Eurocopter AS-350 A-Star, which lands at a police roadblock where the car chase ends. The routine ET style plot of episode Visitor is not helped by the ending's lights-in-the-night-sky cliché of a helicopter mistaken for a UFO.

Season three episode Resurrection, has a medevac chopper (Eurocopter AS-350) transporting a body from Smallville's hospital to Luthor's secret research labs. The helicopter pilot (played by Bruce Harwood of Lone Gunmen fame) later helps Clark by flying our young hero back to the site.

A-Star helicopter in Smallville episode Gone
The pre-credits sequence of season four's episode Gone (photo, left), sees commando types deploying on fast ropes from a black Eurocopter AS350, and they chase nosy reporter Lois (Erica Durance) and Clark away from the ruins of an FBI safe-house. When zapped by Clark's heat vision, the helicopter is forced down in a field (although its crash landing happens off screen).

Later, another chopper shows up at the Kents' farm, bringing Lois' dad, General Sam Lane (Michael Ironside).

Season finale Commencement has Luthor's helicopter (the usual JetRanger) failing to escape from town during a spectacular meteor shower. The chopper zips around the blue sky (courtesy of some wholly unrealistic CGI work) dodging space rocks before one tears off the tail boom, sending the rotor-craft into a dizzying spin and lethal crash.

Season five opener, Arrival, has a police (Bell 206 JetRanger) helicopter destroyed in mid-air by the heat-vision blast from a female alien.

Exposed (photo, right) has undercover reporter Lois kidnapped by bad guys who plan to leave the Metropolis in a Eurocopter AS350. Clark reaches the rooftop helipad in time for a dramatic rescue. He leaps high enough to hook a tether onto the airborne helicopter's skids, and then uses his super-strength to pull it safely back down onto the building.
A-Star in episode Exposed from Smallville

Daily Planet A-Star in Smallville
Season ten's Homecoming (the 200th episode) replays the helicopter stunt from Superman The Movie, with Lois in danger as the Daily Planet's own Eurocopter AS350 eye-in-the-sky chopper falls off a rooftop.

This final season's tribute scene, for Homecoming, was directed by Jeannot Swarc, who made the 1984 Supergirl movie. Here's a photo of prep for the helicopter stunt.
behind-the-scenes on Smallville