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Sinking Of Japan (aka: Japan Sinks, 2006) - this epic disaster movie features several helicopters, but often appearing only briefly in spectacular CGI shots.

In the first sequence, a Eurocopter AS-332L1 Super Puma rescues a little girl from burning streets after a major earthquake.
Super Puma in Sinking of Japan

Later, we see two Kawasaki CH-47J (licence-built Boeing) Chinook transports, in camouflage colours, off the Japanese coast, flying above a flotilla of drilling-ships.
movie helicopter in Japan Sinks

Chinook transport in Sinking Of Japan

In the climactic scenes, another Japanese Chinook takes off from the shoreline to rendezvous with a ship out at sea, for the last dive in a mini-sub.

After the catastrophe is averted, two Chinooks fly government officials to temporary headquarters on a navy warship.
Kawasaki CH-47J in Sinking of Japan

Sinking of Japan airborne transport
There are also rapid shots of Chinooks hovering around the ruins of Japanese islands.

Two Mitsubishi UH-60J (licence-built Sikorsky) Sea Hawk rescue helicopters save refugees stranded on a mountainside road.