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Shooter (2007) - this action thriller, competently directed by Antoine Fuqua, features various helicopters. During the opening scenes in Ethiopia, there's a Eurocopter (MBB PAH-1) Bo-105 gunship, which kills the sniper's military partner, before our hero (Mark Wahlberg) shoots it down, but a CGI view of the smoke trail blacks out the screen and so we don't actually see the helicopter crash into a hillside.
MBB Bo-105 gunship in Shooter

Later, some FBI and police choppers (including a Eurocopter AS-350 A-Star and a Bell 206 JetRanger) pursue the fugitive hero as he escapes into streets of Philadelphia, with up to four helicopters on-screen at once in some aerial shots, while another A-Star is used by the villains for their ambush of the Virginia ranch, but this low-flying helicopter is damaged in a napalm explosion and crashes behind some trees.
helicopters in Shooter

blue Colibri helicopter in Shooter
red A-Star in Shooter

For the snowbound mountain-top rendezvous and hostage trade, the bad guys arrive in a blue Eurocopter EC-120B Colibri, and a red AS-350, before FBI squads fly in using a Bell Twin Huey and yet another federal AS-355 TwinStar.

FBI agents with helicopter in Shooter
2 helicopters in Shooter