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Twin Huey in Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement (2000) - this antiwar drama is directed by William Friedkin. US marines use helicopters, operating from an escort carrier in the Indian Ocean, for a mission to Yemen, where they defend the American embassy from Arab snipers and rescue the ambassador's family.
Sea Knight helicopters in Rules of Engagement

Boeing Vertol CH-47 in Rules of Engement

Several military transport and attack helicopters are seen, parked on the carrier ship's top deck, including Super Stallion and Super Cobra types.

For the mission, a Bell UH-1N (212) Twin Huey leads a pair of Boeing Vertol CH-46E Sea Knight transports that fly into the capital city.
Rules of Engagement helicopters

Chinooks and Huey in Rules of Engagement

Bell UH-1 in Rules of Engagement
However, in a notable continuity error during the flight, the Sea Knights are replaced on-screen by two Boeing CH-47 Chinook transports, while the Twin Huey becomes a standard Bell UH-1 (205) Iroquois.

Huey and Chinooks in Rules of Engagement

Huey landing in Rules of Engagement
Chinook landing in Rules of Engagement