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Royce (1994) - set in the post-Cold War years, this amiable comedy-adventure was made for TV by director Rod Holcomb, and stars James Belushi as American secret agent Royce.

Featured in the movie is a rarely seen Russian utility helicopter, a twin piston-engine Kamov Ka-26 Hoodlum with co-axial rotors.
helicopter in Royce

On a mission to rescue some hostages in Bosnia, an MD 500E flies over the enemy's base, and a gunman on the helicopter shoots at the bad guys to help Royce during the escape.
MD 500E helicopter in Royce

On his next mission, to save a US senator's son from kidnappers in the Ukraine, there is a Kamov Ka-26 parked on the loading dock at the railway yards where a bunch of ex-CIA agents are waiting for a freight train to arrive.
Kamov Ka-26 in Royce

A Mil Mi-24 Hind lands near the train, and the bad guys load their stolen nukes onto this big helicopter.
Hind gunship in Royce

Hind transport in Royce

Ka-26 takes off in Royce
The Ka-26 Hoodlum takes off to escort the departing train.

Hoodlum flying in Royce

Before the hijacked train reaches its destination, the Hoodlum drops a rope ladder for the chief baddie to get off the moving train, but our hero plants a time-bomb in the villain's bag, so it explodes, killing the terrorist, and also blowing up the low-flying helicopter.
helicopter action in Royce

Some DVD cover artwork for Royce shows a Bell 206 JetRanger, which does not appear in the movie.
Royce DVD