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American dragon slayers in Scotland
Reign of Fire - behind the scenes

Reign Of Fire (2002) - in this post-holocaust monster movie, a crew of former American soldiers recklessly skydive from a single Agusta helicopter (an A-109, as used by SAS troops) using a hi-tech radar system to detect and snare the dangerous flying beasts that have destroyed civilisation.

In one of these operations, the chopper is chased through the sky by a dragon until the yankee hero (Matthew McConaughey) kills it.

Of particlar note with regard to the scope of this film, is the entirely misleading poster artwork that shows Boeing AH-64 Apache gunships engaged in aerial combat with dragons over a burning London, as this battle is not realised in the film.

The helicopter pilot is played by onetime Bond girl Izabella Scorupco.
hunting dragons in Reign of Fire