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A-Star flight in Rebellion

Rebellion (aka: L'ordre et la morale, 2011) - this French drama is based on a true story of suspected terrorism in the Pacific colony of New Caledonia in 1988.

The anti-terrorist squad arrive by plane, and find military helicopters circling on patrol above the airfield.

A gendarme A-Star (Aerospatiale AS-350 B-2) flies the negotiator over the island coastline to confront a hostage crisis, and his flight passes a couple of SA-330 Puma transports going in the opposite direction.

The blue A-Star lands at an army camp where a Puma sits in the background.
helicopters in Rebellion

Puma flying in Rebellion

Later, we see a Puma landing at the camp, bringing a politician to meet the colonel in charge. The Puma takes off again when the minister has spoken his mind to the military officers.

The police A-Star brings a local man into the camp. The hero takes a Puma flight back to the city for a meeting with the minister. Puma transports on the ground and in flight are often part of the action while tense negotiations continue.

The A-Star appears in many scenes but one flight with reporters is aborted at the last moment before take-off.
A-Star landing in Rebellion

Puma helicopter in rotary action
Two Pumas are used for a commando assault in the climactic sequence, during which a soldier shoots down from a low-hovering chopper and the terrorists return fire from their positions in the jungle.

The DVD cover artwork shows a Russian Hind and an American Huey, neither of which appear in the movie.