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Alouette II in The Professionals

The Professionals (1977-83) - this British TV action series concerns an elite anti-terrorist police unit called C.I.5. The show had occasional use of helicopters as transport or aerial support for the heroes (an ex-cop and former SAS soldier) in frequent chases.

The first season's episode Stake Out has a Westland Puma flying over London while transporting an A-bomb disposal team to deal with a terrorist's nuke.

Second season episode First Night sees a red Alouette II used by kidnappers, escaping from a police cordon by air, from the banks of the River Thames. Troops find the helicopter abandoned in a field.

Season three's episode Stopover also features a red Sud-Aviation SA-318C Alouette II. The helicopter lands on concrete outside an empty aircraft hanger at a disused RAF base. After the shooting incident, the villain's chopper takes off but is tracked by radar, leading the heroes' car straight to a country-house hideout.

Mixed Doubles has a blue Bell 206 appearing in the sky over a country house.

Weekend In The Country sees the heroes' leader using a Bell 206 to help search for his missing men.
Alouette II in First Night

In episode Black Out, there's a police Agusta-Bell AB-206B JetRanger II that takes off from a field in Harrodene. We see it again, several times, taking off again, or hovering above the boss, and then flying around to help cops search a town.
JetRanger in The Professionals

Bell 206 in The Professionals
A-Star in The Professionals

A blue and white 'VIP' flight (a Eurocopter AS-350 A-Star) arrives in the area where CI5 agents and cops are waiting for the helicopter's passenger.
AS-350 in The Professionals

It's Only A Beautiful Picture has a video library shot of a Twin Huey taking off from an oil rig.

This is followed by a scene at Westland London heli-port where a MBB Bo-105 and a Bell 206 JetRanger are visible, parked in background.

A British Caledonian Bell 206B JetRanger II lands to bring a government minister to meet CI5 boss Cowley. The helicopter takes off as both men walk away.
Westland London in The Professionals

The Professionals JetRanger helicopter

Alouette II in The Professionals
helicopter stunt in The Professionals

Kickback has heroic Bodie picked up by a white Alouette II as his emergency transport into the countryside, where he tracks down a bad guy at a farm.

After Bodie stops the villain from escaping in a car, and hovers above the farm buildings to flush the driver out of hiding in a barn, there's a great low-flying action sequence when the helicopter chases the villain's getaway car across a field.

The baddie shoots up at the chopper, and airborne Bodie shoots back until the car flips over, and our hero stops the fleeing killer in a classic 'death from above' shot.

The helicopter returns to the farm where Bodie argues with the killer's wife.

Finally, the Alouette II drops Bodie through the roof of a disused factory where a gun-battle wraps up the case.
The Professionals Alouette II

London flight in The Professionals
camera copter in The Professionals

Perhaps the best episode of The Professionals for rotary action is Foxhole On The Roof, because the use of a helicopter is integral to the plot.

The story has a gunman using a Thames side warehouse as vantage point for shooting into a hospital ward.

A Bell 206 (with a police sign stuck on the side) is called in by Cowley, and the helicopter is first seen flying over Parliament buildings. A camera-man aboard the chopper gets aerial views of the gunman's improvised bunker of sand-bags.

The villain shoots at the low-flying chopper to scare off airborne cops, but the JetRanger hovers around the river scene for long-distance surveillance.
Bell 206 JetRanger in The Professionals

getaway helicopter in The Professionals
The Professionals flying stunt

When the gunman gets his ransom pay-off, he waits for his own chopper to arrive and the getaway flight looks exactly the same as the police Bell 206. It drops a rope ladder to airlift the gunman from his roof-top hide.

After the man falls, the chopper lands on concrete beside the river. This episode is particularly notable for its spectacular aerial views of London landmarks, and (like many of The Professionals episodes) for its good use of gritty urban locations for stunt action.
London helicopter in The Professionals

Bell 206-L in The Professionals

The Ojuka Situation includes a hostage crisis, and a Bell 206 arrives at a country house. The helicopter pilot is shot by one of the CI5 heroes.

Lawson's Last Stand sees a Westland (Sea King) HAS Commando fly over the school playing-field where a terrorist holds up a nerve-gas bomb.

Finally, in No Stone, there's a Bell 206-L LongRanger landing at a crime scene in a rural area to medevac a wounded man to hospital.
LongRanger medevac in The Professionals