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Predator helicopters base camp

Predator (1987) - in John McTiernan's exciting SF-horror adventure, Arnold Schwarzenegger leads a super-macho commando team, dropped into dense jungle by military choppers (Bell UH-1 Hueys), to fight an alien monster.

In the base camp scenes along the shoreline (see above), there is a Bell 206 JetRanger, parked with the main two Huey transports.
Huey transport in Predator

formation flying in Predator
Huey gunship leads in Predator

The combat rescue squad, led by Arnie, use a pair of Huey helicopters flying in close formation over the jungle at dawn. While the choppers hover just above the treetops, the men descend on ropes.
final approach in Predator

helicopters hovering in Predator
abseil into jungle in Predator

When the soldiers find a hidden camp, there is a Huey in camouflage paint that's destroyed in a raid.

Arnie's exploding helicopter
Huey in camo paint for Predator