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Chinook in Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim (2013) - this epic sci-fi monster movie has military helicopters visible in the background of many spectacular action scenes, where even the largest models are dwarfed by the scale of kaiju beasts and mega-mecha.

The main rotorcraft featured are a Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion (partly CGI) that picks up the hero from Alaska and flies him to a base in Hong Kong, and there are flights of Boeing CH-47 Chinook transports (also CGI).

"The big helicopter that flies the hero to the Hong Kong base is not a CH-53 Sea Stallion. It is an ex-US Coast Guard HH-3F Pelican (Sikorsky S-61R) that was heavily modified for the movie. The modifications were clearly inspired by the H-53 family of helicopters, maybe this is why this chopper is incorrectly identified as a CH-53." - HEGYI ISTVAN
Sea Stallion in Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim choppers

An early sequence in Australia, shows helicopters (possibly Bell JetRangers) on patrol over Sydney harbour as one gigantic monster attacks the city.

Chinooks defy the laws of physics when eight of them are used to airlift some massive fighting robots from Hong Kong into position for battles at sea.
Pacific Rim helicopters

Sikorsky CH-53 in Pacific Rim

After some other brief appearances by Chinooks, and Sea Stallions being used as air-taxis, the movie's final shot has squadrons of Chinooks flying in a 'V' for victory formation over giant robots wading through the sea.
Chinooks airlift in Pacific Rim