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LongRanger in Outbreak
Huey in Outbreak

Outbreak (1995) - Wolfgang Petersen's sci-fi drama has a military conspiracy with germ warfare plot mixed with action thrills and medical horror. In one scene, Bell 204/ UH-1B Hueys fill the sky when martial law is declared to quarantine a small US town.

Later, the heroic doctor (Dustin Hoffman) risks a midair collision by ordering the pilot of his unarmed chopper (an MD-500D) to hover in the flight path of a bomber plane, forcing it to veer off and abort its attack mission.

Other helicopters appearing in the film include: Bell UH-1B and Bell 206L Long Rangers (supposedly from Zaire's air force), a Bell 206B JetRanger III as a TV news chopper, and Hughes (MD 500D) OH-6 Cayuse gunships.
JetRanger in Outbreak

Huey gunship in Outbreak
low flying helicopters in Outbreak

TV news chopper in Outbreak

Hughes OH-6 in Outbreak
Cayuse gunship in Outbreak