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3 helicopters in Nowhere To Hide

Nowhere To Hide (1987) - in this thriller, some Bell 206 JetRanger helicopters (apparently supposed to be to Bell OH-58 Kiowa Warriors), with new experimental engines, being supplied to the US Marines, keep experiencing malfunctions and crashing due to substandard parts. Bell 206 in Nowhere To Hide

Marine pilot Rob (Daniel Hugh Kelly) finds out and tries to blow the whistle, but gets iced by some hit-men sent by the company that made the engines. Because his young son witnessed the killing, they want to kill him, too, so the boy's ex-Marine pilot mother Barbara (Amy Madigan) seeks help from her late husband's survivalist friend Ben (Michael Ironside).

Initially, the rotary action is limited to Barbara, Rob, and their fellow Marines flying to a bar and landing in the car park, and then two pilots dying when their copter suffers the aforementioned malfunction, and crashes (off-screen).
Bell OH-58 Kiowa in Nowhere To Hide

After that, there's no helicopter action until the end when the Marines show up in three JetRangers to apprehend the villains, all save the crooked general (John Colicos) who's been cooperating with the manufacturers, and who escapes in his limo.

The vengeful Barbara commandeers a copter and uses its rocket launchers to blow him up real good. - BILL HIERS
Kiowa Warrior in Nowhere To Hide