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N.C.I.S. - Naval Criminal Investigative Service (2003-) - this TV cop show about a team of government agents playing detectives is a spin-off from legal adventure series J.A.G.

In the main offices, whenever there are TV sets in the background, they are showing footage of helicopters (including the US President's Marine One transport, a Sikorsky VH-3D).

The frequent use of helicopters as visual background filler is not a surprise, because this TV programme is co-produced by Donald Bellisario, the maker of Airwolf.
Sikorsky VH-3D on TV in NCIS

Sea King in NCIS

The 4th episode, Immortals, has stock footage of a Sea Hawk and a Sea King used as ship-to-shore transports by the investigators. There is also a brief shot of two Sea Knights.
Sea Hawk in NCIS

Sea Knights in NCIS

Episode six, High Seas features a Sea Hawk flying on a rescue mission launched from the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise.
Sea Hawk rescue in NCIS

Sub Rosa has stock footage of a Sea Hawk from a US Navy ship flying to rendezvous with an American submarine at sea.
Sea Hawk flight in NCIS

A Weak Link has a Huey flying in the opening scene's training exercise, filmed with a faked night-vision green. There is also a Huey parked outside when our team of investigators visit a US Navy SEAL base, and a Cobra gunship and a Twin Huey (in camouflage paint-job) are seen inside the hanger.
Huey in night-vision from NCIS

Twin Huey in NCIS

The first season's finale, Reveille, includes a shot of three Sea King transports flying over Washington D.C., and there's stock video on TV of president's helicopter 'Marine One' taking off its heli-pad at the White House.
helicopters over Washington DC in NCIS

An early episode from season two, The Good Wives Club features a Sea Hawk used for airborne scanning underground when the government agents are searching for hostages.

Vanished is a UFOlogy story about crop circles, with a reportedly stolen Bell AH-1 Cobra gunship found mysteriously abandoned in a corn field.
Sea Hawk scans in NCIS

Cobra gunship in NCIS
Bell AH-1 helicopter in NCIS

Sea Hawk night flight in NCIS

Another very X-Files styled episode, season five's Chimera has a Sea Hawk used to fly our team of agents to a top secret US Navy research ship.
Sea Hawk in NCIS episode Chimera

On a mission to Baghdad, a later episode, titled In The Zone, has a Black Hawk flying over the American army base, and an old Huey shell is parked in the overflow quarters of Hanger 5.
Huey shell in NCIS

Season six episode South By Southwest features the very best N.C.I.S. helicopter action scene, so far... when a Eurocopter AS-350B-2 A-Star is used by a hitman to attack federal agents who are on horseback in the Arizona desert.

The hero shoots the pilot and the helicopter crashes off-screen, but the explosion is watched by other N.C.I.S. agents on satellite images viewed back in Washington D.C.
A-Star action in NCIS

AS-305 A-Star in NCIS
Eurocopter A-Star from NCIS

Season eight's episode The Spider And The Fly sees the agents find a hi-jacked helicopter (a Eurocopter AS-355 TwinStar) abandoned in a field.

Royals And Loyals features a Sea Hawk transport for a CIA agent making a night landing on a US navy ship at sea.

Dead Reflection has a Sea Hawk fly by in the background of a scene outside a US naval base. The helicopter circles, off screen, then returns to pass overhead, flying low to interrupt a dialogue sequence.
A-Star in NCIS season 8

Season nine's episode Safe Harbour features a US Coast Guard HH-65C Dolphin that flies past the deck of a ship abandoned by smugglers.
Dolphin helicopter in NCIS

Engaged - part one has a US navy Sea King flying over a memorial site.

Life Before His Eyes includes stock footage of a Bell 206 JetRanger in a flashback scene.

Rekindled ends with an establishing shot of a US navy ship with Sea King helicopters circling its deck.

Follow-up episode Playing With Fire repeats that night scene in its re-cap. Also, in the first shot of a sequence in Italy, there is an Agusta Westland AW-119 Koala flying over the city of Naples. Later, a Sea Hawk (possibly CGI work) passes over the harbour, flying towards a US Navy aircraft carrier docked in the port.
Sea King in NCIS

Sea Hawk in NCIS season 9

Dolphin helicopter in Lost At Sea episode
The first episode of season 10, Extreme Prejudice, features stock footage of a Marine One Sea King on TV news after a terrorist bombing. We also see helicopter images on infra-red satellite scans during a SWAT raid.

Lost At Sea has a US Coast Guard Dolphin flying over the beach scene.

The climax of Gone includes a Eurocopter AS-350 A-Star, parked in a woodlands clearing where the heroes ambush some bad guys and rescue a kidnap victim.

The episode titled Shabbat Shalom has one brief shot of a Bell 206 during night scenes after a drive-by shooting spree.
A-Star helicopter in NCIS TV series

Season 11's episode Alleged includes a US Navy Sea King flying over naval yards where warships are in port.

The 1st episode of season 12, Twenty Klicks, has a US Navy Sea Hawk used for transporting a cyber-techie returning from Russia. The helicopter is shot down by a missile attack.

We don't see the crash, but there's full-size prop wreckage in later scenes. Brief shots of the Sea Hawk spinning out of control are seen again in re-cap intros for later episodes.
Sea Hawk in NCIS season 12

Kill The Messenger has the 'presidential helicopter' flying over the Washington monument, in the first scene, but it's a Sikorsky S-65 (CH-53), not the VH-60N White Hawk.

The San Dominick sees a US Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk ready for medevac flight but we don't actually see it take-off from the deck of a US navy warship.

Cabin Fever includes one shot of two Sea Hawks hovering around US warships in port.

Lost In Translation has one shot of a Chinook flying over Afghan desert when agents visit US marines base in Kabul.
CH-53 in NCIS season 12