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My Best Bodyguard (2010) - this Thai thriller, about a bio-tech industrial conspiracy, features a few helicopter action sequences after the movie's half-way point.

During the car chase, a Black Hawk intercepts and attacks a hijacked lorry, shooting at the fleeing vehicle until the driver drops smoke bombs on the road.

The helicopter veers off and stops its pursuit for no apparent reason, except for the smoke (that dissipates quickly).

There's a Thai navy Super Lynx 300 flying along the coastline and heading out to sea where it lands on a warship.

An MBB BK-117 C-2 (EC 145, from BHS, is used for an escape flight from a roof-top heli-pad.

The Black Hawk gunship flies as police support during a shoot-out at the docks, but the helicopter is forced away from the scene to evade a sniper.

Two Black Hawks provide air cover for another police operation on the ground when cops stop a lorry on the motorway.

After the showdown fights, a Black Hawk brings troops to the aircraft hanger where a bad guy is arrested.