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Murphy's Law helipad scene
Murphy's Law helicopter hijacking

Murphy's Law (1986) - in J. Lee Thompson's eventful crime thriller, drunkard cop Murphy (Charles Bronson) is framed for murder, but promptly escapes from custody, handcuffed to a foul-mouthed car thief Arabella (excellent character-actress Kathleen Wilhoite, in her first screen role), and steals a police chopper (a Hughes/ MD 500E) from a rooftop helipad - where a Bell 206L is seen, under repair, in the background.

However the heroes' getaway flight ends badly when the helicopter runs out of fuel and crashes through the roof of an old barn that's being used as an illicit drugs lab by a violent gang... Murphy and sidekick both survive the fall but the stolen MD 500E is a wreck, of course.

landing on barn, Murphy's Law
helicopter on barn, Murphy's Law

Trivia: the crusty character of Murphy was a helicopter crew chief in the Korean War.
Arabella's rude insults to Murphy include a jibe about Airwolf.

helicopter crashes through roof, Murphy's Law