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helicopters in Mighty Joe Young

Mighty Joe Young (1998) - Ron Underwood's remake of the 1949 RKO cult movie is a predictable Disney production.

It features a police Bell 206 JetRanger, which tracks the big gorilla across Los Angeles, and there's a SWAT Huey carrying sharpshooters into firing range, but Joe proves to be smarter than local night-shift cops, evading the airborne pursuit by hiding beneath a road overpass, and then escaping to the Palisades Ocean Park fairground after both helicopters have left the scene.

The only brief moment of excitement in this fairly routine helicopter sequence is when the low-flying Huey narrowly avoids hitting overhead power cables. But at least the movie uses real machines instead of resorting to CGI work.

Looking for pictures of the giant ape? You've found the wrong website! Of course, you won't find Joe in any of these pictures, because even the chopper pilots lost sight of him.

airborne pursuit in Mighty Joe Young

where's Joe?

under the bridge in Mighty Joe Young