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Mission: Impossible (1966-73) - a team of agents perform top secret espionage in this iconic spy-fi TV series, which ran for seven seasons. Season two's episode Trek has a Bell 47G (the original Bat-copter!), used in one action sequence.
Bell 47 in Mission Impossible

Season five's episode, Hunted, features a Bell 205A-1 in the story's action packed ending. Season seven's episode, Ultimatum, includes some filming on location in Los Angles with a helicopter.
Bell 205 in Mission Impossible

Mission: Impossible (1988-90) - this revival of the 1960s TV series was made in Australia. In third episode, Holograms, the winning team depart in a Bell 206 JetRanger, with a viewpoint directly below the helicopter, from the island location.
Bell 206 in Mission Impossible 1988 season

Episode seven, The Cattle King, sees an MD 500E flying over Australia's Gold Coast, where the helicopter follows a limo into the city, and then it lands at the team's hideout.

Submarine sees team leader Jim (Peter Graves) get out of a red JetRanger at a military airfield, from where the chopper takes off promptly behind him. During the mission, a corrupt admiral is lowered by winch cable from an off-screen US Navy helicopter to a submarine at sea. The tail-boom of a crashed Russian helicopter (possibly a Mil Mi-2 Hoplite) is visible during the nuclear explosion and maritime rescue sequence.
MD 500E over Gold Coast

This revival of Mission: Impossible continued with a second season, and the season's first episode, The Golden Serpent - part one, features a Eurocopter AS-355 TwinStar used by villains, flying over Sydney harbour, to lower a henchman on the bridge in pursuit of the hero team's sniper. After the hero fights off the bad guy, the helicopter swoops in and the down-draft of its rotor blows the hero off the bridge.

Re-cap for The Golden Serpent - part two repeats the helicopter stunt. In the episode's climactic scenes, a Bell 206 JetRanger flies to a private island where the drug smugglers have a mansion HQ.

In third episode, The Princess, there are US Marines Super Cobras appearing briefly, in stock footage, during the IMF briefing video.

Command Performance has a Bell 206 LongRanger that brings government guests to visit a circus. After finishing undercover operations in the big top, the heroes steal the helicopter for their escape.
Bell 206 LongRanger in Mission Impossible TV series

In the first sequence of penultimate episode, Church Bells In Bogota, kidnappers use a low-flying Bell 206 JetRanger to drop the body of their victim into the city.

The same helicopter re-appears later, landing in the grounds of the drug baron's villa in Colombia. The JetRanger is destroyed by a rocket during the heroes' quick exit strategy. Mission accomplished!
JetRanger stunt in Mission Impossible

Bell 206 in Mission Impossible

NOTAR helicopter in Mission Impossible 1996

Mission: Impossible (1996) - this action movie remake of a 1960s' US TV series features one spectacular but unintentionally ridiculous rotary action scene inside the Channel Tunnel, during which a helicopter (an MD-520N NOTAR) is briefly towed by the high-speed train, and the diminutive hero (Tom Cruise) is almost impaled by rotor blades when the machine crashes. The shocked train driver faints, of course...

An earlier scene features a Eurocopter AS-355 landing near Tower Bridge in London.
Mission: Impossible helicopter stunt

A-Star chopper in M:I-2
Mission Impossible 2 helicopter

Mission: Impossible 2 (2000) - John Woo's sequel to Brian De Palma's update of the 1960s' TV series plays like a Bond movie with plenty of 007-style gadgetry, and spectacular set-pieces. In the best rotary action scene, airborne sidekick (Ving Rhames) blows up a car-load of bad guys so the bike-riding hero (Tom Cruise) can escape across a narrow bridge. Aerial scenes feature a Eurocopter BK-117C. There's also a Eurocopter AS350-B2 Ecureuil/ A-Star on-screen.
helicopter in Mission Impossible 2

Cobra gunship in Mission: Impossible 3

Mission: Impossible III (2006) - franchise actioner directed by J.J. Abrams, has a Twin Huey used by the heroes to escape after they rescue a captured female agent, but they are pursued by a Bell AH-1 Cobra, which launches rockets at the Huey as it flies through a wind farm. The Cobra is hit by a windmill blade and knocked to the ground. Later, the villain escapes from custody when a team of gunmen use another Huey for their attack on a prison truck crossing a Chesapeake bridge.
Huey attacks bride convoy

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015) - this movie in the popular action franchise features a blue Eurocopter EC-135 that lands on a heli-pad where two of the secret agents meet.
EC-135 in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation