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helicopter sequence in Midnight Run

Midnight Run (1988) - in this lively and likeable comedy-thriller road movie. The featured helicopter is one stunt sequence is a Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III.
Midnight Run helicopter

Bell 206L-3 in Midnight Run

Mafia hitmen use the helicopter to chase the car driven by a bounty hunter, and the airborne gunmen play a cat 'n' mouse game on the highway, firing their assault rifles to force the heroes' car off the road, and the shooting action makes the driver crash under a bridge.
helicopter gunmen in Midnight Run

Midnight Run helicopter action

tail rotor damage in Midnight Run
LongRanger in Midnight Run

Midnight Run flying stunt

Jack (Robert De Niro) shoots the copter's tail rotor - so that it spins out of control, hits the rock face of a riverbank, and explodes in mid-air.

(Thanks to Hegyi Istvan for these pictures.)
exploding helicopter in Midnight Run