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Jayhawk helicopter in Man Of Steel

Man Of Steel (2013) - in the first Earth sequence of this Superman movie, there is a US Coast Guard (Sikorsky MH-60T) Jayhawk that rescues workers from the heli-pad of a burning oil-rig.

A full-size helicopter was used on the green-screen set for a combination of physical stunts and CG effects.

We see an Aerospatiale SA-321 Super Frelon (Arctic Cargo) landing at the USAF camp in northern Canada. There is also a Huey type just visible in the background. A Boeing CH-47 Chinook flies overhead with a container load slung underneath it.
Man Of Steel behind the scenes

Later, a Canadian Bell 212 Twin Huey finds the injured heroine alone on a frozen landscape. Briefly, we see the Super Frelon, a Huey, and the Jayhawk, in scenes where Lois Lane investigates modern legends while searching for answers to the mystery of an alien saviour.
Man of Steel helicopter set

In the desert sequence, where Zod's alien shuttlecraft lands, three Black Hawk (Sikorsky UH-60) helicopters hover above American soldiers as Superman meets the Kryptonians.
Black Hawks in Man Of Steel

Little Bird gunship in Man Of Steel

MH-6 helicopter in Man Of Steel
Starting the climactic battles, five MD MH-6 'Little Bird' gunships fly into combat over the strets of Smallville. The first attack helicopter is knocked down by a delivery van that's thrown into the sky by a Kryptonian henchman.

The leader of these military Little Bird choppers spins out of control and crashes spectacularly on the street.

Smallville air strike in Man Of Steel
flying van meets helicopters in Man Of Steel

In the Metropolis finale, police helicopters (possibly Eurocopter AS-350 A-Stars) circle the alien mothership as it descends on the city. Finally, another Chinook airlifts Kal-El's starship to a military base.
airborne troops in Man Of Steel