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Pave Hawk medevac flight in Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor (2013) - set in 2005, this gritty war movie, directed by Peter Berg, is based on a true story.

It starts with the medevac flight of a Sikorsky HH-60 Pave Hawk, carrying a wounded man to a US airbase hospital.

The main action occurs three days earlier, as two Boeing CH-46 Chinook transports, and two Boeing AH-64 Apaches as escort, fly a team of Navy SEALs on a mission from Bagram into the Afghan mountains.
Chinooks at Bagram airbase in Lone Survivor

Chinooks airborne in Lone Survivor
CH-46 helicopters in Lone Survivor

Pave Hawks at sunset in Lone Survivor

Apache landing in Lone Survivor
At sunset, two Pave Hawk helicopters are viewed on the ground.

We see an Apache landing at the forward operations base.

Two Chinooks depart carrying troops, while two Apaches and one Pave Hawk are seen parked in the foreground on the concrete airfield.

One Apache takes off to search for the missing commandos.
Lone Survivor helicopters scene

Apache flying in Lone Survivor

Some of the helicopter action in this movie is created by digital effects artists who match their CGI work to footage of physical machines.

CGI Apaches in Lone Survivor

Later, two Chinooks fly to the rescue of troops under attack, but these big transports have no Apaches for gunship support, and one of the Chinooks is shot down by an RPG, resulting in a spectacular crash sequence on the rocky mountainside. The second Chinook is forced to leave the area.

Pairs of Apache and Pave Hawk helicopters are seen, making a second attempt to save the men.

Finally, as the Taliban assault the village where our Texan hero (Mark Wahlberg) has found refuge, Apaches and Pave Hawks fly to the rescue, again. One Apache strafes the ground, clearing a site for the Pave Hawk to land and airlift the lone survivor to safety.
Pave Hawk landing in Lone Survivor

Pave Hawk helicopter in Lone Survivor