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Dauphin landing in Licence To Kill

helicopter escort in Licence To Kill
Licence To Kill (1985) - during the amusing pre-credits sequence of this James Bond adventure, Timothy Dalton's 007 hero uses the cable winch of a big US Coast Guard (an Aerospatiale Dauphin) HH-65A Dolphin helicopter to snatch the escaping villain's light aircraft out of the sky! It's a terrific aerial stunt, but could it really happen?

The Dolphin (US-speak for Dauphin) was actually in Eurocopter demo markings for a pending USCG contract! - BERND BIEGE

Bond in harness for Licence To Kill
catching a plane in Licence To Kill

helicopter vs plane in Licence To Kill
featured helicopter in Licence To Kill

Later in the film, an Aerospatiale AS-350B A-Star is seen in a few quick shots. - NATHAN DECKER
A-Star chopper landing in Licence To Kill

Eurocopter A-Star in Licence To Kill