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The Last Ship (2014) - this TV series is about a viral apocalypse and the survivors on a US navy warship.

In the first episode, Phase Six, there are a couple of Black Hawks, with Red Cross markings, flying a CDC doctor into Egypt.

Later, a Seahawk fetches the heroine from arctic ice, and flies back to the heli-pad on a US navy destroyer.
Black Hawks in The Last Ship

Three Sikorsky CH-53s and two Eurocopter AS-355 gunships approach the warship, unexpectedly, and in a very unlikely twist these helicopters are identified as Russian forces.
AS-355 helicopter in The Last Ship

TwinStar gunship in The Last Ship
The Last Ship's AS-355 TwinStar

When the TwinStar gunships circle and attack American troops on the ground, both are shot down and explode in mid-air.
helicopter explodes in The Last Ship

Sikorsky helicopter in The Last Ship
The Last Ship helicopter attack

The bigger CH-53s launch missiles at the destroyer, which returns fire and blows up all three helicopters.
CH-53 helicopter in The Last Ship

helicopters attack in The Last Ship

Episode two, Welcome To Gitmo, sees the warship's resident Seahawk flying commando teams into Cuba.

In episode seven, SOS, there's a brief shot of the Seahawk ready on the warship's heli-pad, before it takes off to support a mission by troops in zodiac boats.

Following the rescue, the helicopter flight stays on the scene for another SAR mission. After re-fuelling, the Seahawk continues its search at night.

Two Sailors Walk Into A Bar... features a Mil Mi-24 Hind transport that picks us the US captain and flies him to a Russian warship.

The Seahawk returns to the American ship, where a lack of fuel means it makes no further appearances.
Hind helicopter in The Last Ship