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helicopter in Johnny English Reborn

Johnny English Reborn (2011) - this sequel to 2003's spy comedy features an A-Star in a few amusing scenes. Our British heroes fly to meet one of the suspected villains at an exclusive golf course.

hedge-trimmer helicopter

There is a medevac flight, as hero Johnny pilots the A-Star in an effort to get a wounded man to hospital but, following a wobbly take-off, the helicopter's rotor blades chop down a row of hedge conifers (obvious special effects).

A-Star in Johnny English Reborn

When the helicopter is damaged after being hit by machine-gunfire, Johnny hovers just above the ground to read a road sign to Dingham.

Dingham flyer in Johnny English sequel

helicopter in traffic

The pilot cuts into traffic, circling over a roundabout, and blows over a road-workers hut with downwash from the rotors, until Johnny spots an ambulance.

helicopter on roundabout in Johnny English movie

The A-Star lands on top of the handy vehicle and it carries them to hospital.

helicopter on ambulance in Johnny English Reborn