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heroes spotted by mercenaries, in The Island
yet another exploding helicopter shot!

The Island (2005) - Michael Bay's sci-fi blockbuster features a Eurocopter EC-120B, used in this action movie by hi-tech mercenary troops to chase a couple of escaped clones into a futuristic Los Angeles.

In one spectacular sequence that mixes stunt work and digital effects, the runaway heroes (Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson) are cornered 70-storeys up, on the side of an office tower block, while hiding from their pursuers. The building's giant red logo is damaged and falls down, smashing one of the pair of black EC-120B helicopters on the way, adding twisted rotors and crushed aircraft to the wrecked sign that drops to street level.

Alan Purwin is the aerial coordinator and credited pilot for this production.
choppers pursue a getaway car, in The Island
Eurocopter EC 120, in The Island