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Iron Man 3 helicopters

Iron Man 3 (2013) - this sequel, directed by Shane Black, features Bell helicopters. First of all, there are three TV news-gathering Bell choppers (possibly 206 JetRanger types) that circle Tony Stark's cliff-top home in Malibu.

Iron Man 3 helicopters approach
helicopters in Iron Man 3

armed helicopters in Iron Man 3
Another trio of Bell 407 flights approach from off-shore. These helicopters are modified (adding weapon packages mounted on their drop-down side doors like stubby wings) as gunships for a terrorist assault on the house.

helicopter assault in Iron Man 3
The gunships (in TV channel livery, suggesting they might be stolen) fire rockets to damage and quickly demolish the building's structure.

rockets fire in Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3 air strike

The first attacking chopper is downed by a grand piano that Iron Man's repulsor rays push through a hole in the broken window-wall.
flying piano in Iron Man 3

Bell 407 in Iron Man 3
The second Bell 407 is hit by an explosive charge ejected from Iron Man's suit, making the chopper spin wildly out of control, so it crashes sideways into the house, while the demolition continues.

Iron Man vs helicopter
Iron Man 3 pre-visual shot

helicopter strike in Iron Man 3

The third attacking helicopter launches rockets that break the house in two, and half of it falls away, taking Iron Man down with it, into the sea, while the helicopter hovers and circles above.

The surviving 407 flies off, unscathed, as Iron Man escapes, from a water burial under concrete rubble, in the opposite direction.

Later in the movie, we see a low-flying Chinook in a brief shot, just as our armoured hero escapes from captivity in the villain's lair.
Iron Man 3 chopper attack

Also worth a mention is the spectacular finale, where various Iron Man suits arrive for the dockside battle. These flying drones are controlled by Tony Stark's A.I. computer system ('Jarvis'), and the armoured suits act like wearable heli-jet-packs, performing airborne stunts in a futuristic helicopter gunship style.

Iron Man 3 armour