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Hawaii Five-0 (2010) - this remake starts with a major action sequence in the first episode, slickly directed by Len Wiseman. There's a Bell TH-1L Huey attacking the US military convoy, firing rockets and machine-guns that overturn the lead vehicle, before dropping bad guys on fast ropes to free a terrorist from American custody.
Huey attacks in Hawaii Five-0 remake

Kepiki A-Star in Hawaii Five-0
jungle landing in Hawaii Five-0

behind-the-scenes on Hawaii Five-0
Episode four concerns a prison breakout, after which a Eurocopter AS-350BA Ecureuil (Makani Kai helicopters) is hi-jacked by the escaped convict. Pursuing cops use another A-Star (a Eurocopter AS350-FX1), from the fictional 'Kepiki Island Tours', for an airborne chase and island hopping flight. After the stolen helicopter runs out of fuel, it crash-lands in the jungle.

Episode 14 sees the heroic 'Five-0' team (Alex O'Loughlin as Steve McGarrett, and Scott Caan as Danno) after some kidnappers. The cops' low-flying A-Star lands on the road to stop the bad guys' car, and rescue the victim.

Episode 15 has stock-footage shots of a US Coast Guard MH-65 Dolphin during tsunami warnings on the beachfront, there's a Black Hawk landing at the military base, and stock footage of two US Navy Sea Kings flying over the aircraft carrier.

In episode 20, there's a US army medevac flight (a Black Hawk) called for a rescue when the hero falls off a hillside in the jungle.

Season two features a Bell 407 - which lands on a ship's heli-pad in episode nine, a Huey for transport in episode 10, and the familiar Eurocopter A-Star in episode 22.