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Jayhawk helicopter in The Guardian

The Guardian (2006) - Andrew Davis' movie, about rescue swimmers in the US Coast Guard, features numerous scenes of Sikorsky HH-60 Jayhawk helicopters on dangerous search and rescue missions.

While in low hover above stormy seas, one SAR flight is hit by the stricken ship's cargo on a high wave crest, which tears off the tail boom and forces the chopper to crash into the ocean and explode. A second Jayhawk arrives to pickup the survivors.

At a USCG training base, there are shots of a Eurocopter HH-65 Dolphin which taxis on the airfield. In the film's key action sequence, the new team rescue two kayakers trapped by strong tides in a cave, displaying the Jayhawk against a rugged coastline.

In the finale, our heroes save crewmen from yet another sinking vessel, but lose the ship's captain and - rather too predictably - one of their own rescue swimmers.

Although it lacks any combat flying sequences, the production's use of actual US Coast Guard equipment and expert personnel makes all the film's dramas feel authentic, and the helicopter rescues are far more convincing than the overuse of poorer quality CGI, which spoiled many action visuals in The Perfect Storm.
rescue team lands in Alaska

US Coast Guard helicopter in The Guardian

Jayhawk at US Coast Guard training camp

Jayhawk on rescue mission

US Coast Guard rescue swimmers' motto