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Go Tell The Spartans (1978) - at the beginning of this Vietnam War movie, the featured helicopter is a Sikorsky H-34 (S-58) Choctaw carrying an American general to order establishment of a new outpost.
Sikorsky H-34 in Go Tell The Spartans

There's a Bell H-13 Sioux (Bell 47) bringing supplies to the isolated outpost.
Bell H-13 in Go Tell The Spartans

When a large number of enemy troops attack, three UH-1 Huey (Bell 204) helicopters provide close air support to the beleaguered defenders. Close-up shots of the approaching Hueys are probably stock footage.
Hueys in Go Tell The Spartans

Bell OH-58 Kiowa in Go Tell The Spartans

The battle sequence also features a military Bell 206. This is historically inaccurate, as both the civilian Bell 206 and its military version, the OH-58 Kiowa, entered service after the events depicted in the movie.

Sikorsky Choctaw in Go Tell The Spartans

Near the end of the movie, a Choctaw transport (probably the same one used earlier) flies Burt Lancaster's character to evacuate some personnel from the outpost.