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3 A-Star helicopters in Get Smart, Again
Get Smart, Again helicopters

Get Smart, Again (1989) - this TV movie sequel to the 1960s comedy show features a roof-top scene, where three Eurocopter AS-350s hover above the agent's briefing, providing 'hover cover' - a novelty anti-bugging system - to keep their conversation top secret.

However, the noise of rotors drowns out their voices, of course, and the combined down-draft pressure of three hovering A-Stars pushes the men around so they spin and slide like clowns across the roof-top heli-pad.
hover cover in Get Smart, Again

For practicality and sanity's sake (because the joke soon wears thin), the helicopters are waved away by the spy-master, but they start to descend towards the roof-top, yet again, when the farcically incompetent hero waves to the pilots.
Eurocopter AS-350 in Get Smart, Again