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helicopters in Green Zone
landing in Baghdad

Green Zone (2010) - this is a US political action thriller about American soldiers searching for WMD in Iraq. There are several helicopters on the skyline of widescreen city-scape views. The movie features a pair of Boeing CH-47 Chinook transports and one Eurocopter (Aerospatiale) SA 330 Puma landing in formation at Baghdad airport. Later, a flight of three Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawks bring US special forces' troops to open ground near a housing district.

In the climactic scenes, three Black Hawks swoop from the night sky, supposedly to rescue the heroic US army soldier (Matt Damon) kidnapped by agents of an Iraqi general, but during the operation and ensuing firefight, the EH-60 (a UH-60A variant, packed with electronic surveillance and tracking equipment) that's being used by special forces as their airborne command post, is shot down by an Iraqi RPG attack, resulting in a spectacular crash 'n' burn sequence of good visual effects.

In fact, it appears that most - if not all - of the helicopters in this movie are CGI.
Black Hawk in Green Zone

EH-60 takes off in Green Zone
helicopter explodes in Green Zone