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Hueys in Godzilla

Godzilla (1998) - Roland Emmerich's Hollywood blockbuster version of a Japanese movie franchise includes a vintage Piasecki H-21B (nicknamed the 'flying banana'), arriving in the Ukraine at a Chernobyl site to pick-up the hero scientist (Matthew Broderick).

There's a couple of Hueys (a Bell 204 and a Bell 205) flying above a landscape of gigantic footprints in Panama.
Godzilla Hueys

A pair of Boeing (MD-500) MH-6 'little bird' choppers are seen orbiting the beached ship in Jamaica.
MD-500 in Godzilla

In the New York scenes, there's a Eurocopter AS-350B2 Ecureuil used by a TV news crew, and a big Sikorsky S-76A for the mayor's own executive transport out of Manhattan.
S-76 in Godzilla

Apaches in Godzilla

Dozens of Apache gunships, a mix of CGI and miniatures, engage the monster which invades 'the city that never sleeps', but a salvo of heat-seeking missiles fails to hit their giant yet elusive target because the big reptile is a cold-blooded animal.
Godzilla helicopters

Apache squadrons (including 1:8 scale models, pictured on right) are used later in the air strike, and four of these attack helicopters are chased, swatted, chomped, and smashed by Godzilla before US military forces withdraw from the first airborne battle.
scale Apache model in Godzilla