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Godzilla artwork

Godzilla (2014) - this great remake, just in time for the monster's 60th anniversary, has lots of rotary action scenes but most of the flying sequences use CGI work instead of actual helicopters. Still, that hardly matters in a proverbial blockbuster movie where the spectacular scale of its creatures means that planes, trains, and warships are just like toys, effortlessly tossed around by titans.

AW-109 helicopter in Godzilla

For prologue set in 1999, there's an AW-109 Power (one of the few obviously real choppers in this movie) that flies over the Philippines, and arrives at the mining site, bringing a scientist to investigate a giant sinkhole.
helicopter lands at mine site in Godzilla

SH-60 Seahawk in Godzilla
There's a Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk landing in Japan during an 'earthquake', and the helicopter transports a science team to safety aboard a US Navy ship.

From the warship, a Huey takes the military hero 50 miles to Hawaii.
Huey transport in Godzilla

Seahawk on US Navy ship in Godzilla

Five Seahawk transports hover above the city of Honolulu at night and the helicopters drop troops onto the rooftops of tower blocks. Two Sea Hawks close in, to attack the monster that threatens an elevated train. The MUTO swats one helicopter down, so it crashes and explodes, showering debris over aircraft still on the ground - so they blow up, too.
exploding helicopter in Godzilla

From the US fleet, three Seahawks track a swimming monster that is heading towards California. A Bell 212 Twin Huey and UH-1 Huey fly air support for a military convoy to a nuclear waste and missile storage base - in the Nevada Desert vaults under Yucca Mountain.
Hueys escort convoy in Godzilla

Seahawks over Las Vegas ruins in Godzilla
After another giant monster attack, seven Seahawks perform an airborne survey of all the destruction in Las Vegas.

A Huey and a Chinook are seen at the train wreckage, to salvage a nuke from the crash site.

The same Huey and Chinook (with an under-slung missile load) get two Boeing AH-64 Apache escorts flying over the city to an off-shore location.

A USAF Huey lands at the tactical command base in Oakland, California.

Off the coast, the hero is winched up to a rescue Huey, just before the nuke detonates.

Finally, a couple of Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawks fly alongside the woken Godzilla, as the gigantic beast return to the Pacific Ocean.
Huey lands in Godzilla

Helicopters feature prominently on the poster artwork for Godzilla.
Godzilla poster artwork