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Godzilla 1985 (1985) - this Americanised version of a Japanese sequel, The Return Of Godzilla (1984), sees the famous giant reptile swat annoying helicopters from the sky. Later, a Huey attempts to rescue some heroes from a damaged skyscraper.

Bell 212 in Godzilla 1985
There's a ton of rotary action in this film. In (more or less) order of appearance: a Bell 212 of the Japanese maritime security rescues two people from a fishing boat at the beginning.

A Bell UH-1 Huey is employed throughout by the main characters (in particular for a daring night-time rescue scene atop a skyscraper).
UH-1 Huey in Godzilla 1985

We see a Mitsubishi HSS-2B (Japanese version of the Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King) and a Kawasaki-Vertol KV-107 II (licence-built CH-46 Sea Knight) used by the military in a couple of brief scenes (which appear to be primarily stock footage).
Sea King in Godzilla 1985

Sea Knight in Godzilla 1985

A Mitsubishi SH-60J Seahawk (only a miniature) is used to drop sonar into Tokyo Bay to find Godzilla, who (somehow) sneaks up on the helicopter and surfaces dramatically in front of it, scaring the pilots.
Sea Hawk in Godzilla 1985

An Aerospatiale Alouette III TV-news helicopter (also a miniature) gets blasted by Godzilla's breath and falls onto a roadway, setting off an improbably spectacular chain-reaction of exploding vehicles.
Alouette 3 in Godzilla 1985

Lastly, there are a couple of appearances of an Aerospatiale AS-350 Ecureuil, which drops off the heroic reporter, and later the A-Star flies him and his girlfriend to the island at the end. - BILL HIERS
A-Star in Godzilla 1985