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Ghost In The Shell (Kôkaku kidôtai, 1995) - various helicopters appear in this Japanese animated sci-fi feature by Mamoru Oshii. There's a big tilt-rotor vehicle, a Kamov styled transport with co-axial rotors, a police surveillance chopper used by the heroine for tactical assault, and three gunships with snipers used the villains for a political assassination.

police helicopter from Ghost In The Shell
tilt-rotor transport from Ghost In The Shell

Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence (Inosensu: Kôkaku kidôtai, 2004) - this sequel anime features a nifty robot helicopter cruising across the futuristic urban skyline, and a weirdly designed tilt-rotor transport plane with segmented, articulated wings giving it a notable bird-like appearance.

bird-style tilt-wing rotorcraft
Ghost In The Shell 2

G.I.T.S. - Stand Alone Complex (2002-5) - spinoff Japanese TV series of 52 x 25-minute episodes, following the exploits of cyborg agents in anti-terrorist action. This show features two kinds of helicopters: a tilt-wing serving as VIP air-taxi, and then strange looking gunships that have no tail boom but a long nose section housing weaponry.

long-nose gunship from GITS SAC

GITS - SAC: 2nd Gig - season two features the same types of helicopter, plus an Apache style gunship with no canopy (it's completely blacked out so the pilot is entirely dependent upon sensors). In one sequence, the pilot's heart stops but his brain stays alive, and the Apache-clone helicopter (which obviously boasts advanced A.I. system) goes rogue.
 [Thanks to Jonathan McCalmont for helpful notes about GITS: SAC helicopters.]