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The Expendables 2 helicopter

The Expendables 2 (2012) - this action movie sequel has four military helicopters, used in a couple of rescue missions and the final showdown.

During the raid in Nepal, a modified MBB Bo-105 appears, to strafe the hero's position on a rooftop.
MBB Bo-105 in The Expendables 2

helicopter vs motorbike
The hero deploys a rider-less 'flying' motorbike that is aimed at the Bolkow gunship, and the damaged helicopter promptly nose-dives into the ground so hard that its stub-wings fall off.

Bolkow vs flying bike
stunt bike in Expendables 2
motorbike hits chopper

motorcycle breaks helicopter in Expendables 2

Hip helicopter in Expendables 2
The Expendables - Mi-8 helicopter

On the mission to Albania, the bad guys have a Mil Mi-8 Hip transport with curiosity value of a modified cockpit nose cone.
modified Mil Mi-8 Hip in Expendables 2

Later, a Eurocopter AS-532 Cougar (Super Puma) is used by the heroes to fly ahead and intercept the villain's convoy of trucks.
Super Puma in Expendables 2

Cougar transport in Expendables 2

Bell 430 in Expendables 2
In the aircraft hanger, there's a fight sequence that ends when the chief henchman is pushed headfirst into the spinning tail rotor of a Bell 430, intended as escape vehicle for the baddies.

In the background of the hanger we can see a Mil Mi-24 Hind parked nearby.
Hind helicopter in Expendables 2

helicopter heroes in The Expendables 2
Finally, some of the heroes depart in another Cougar helicopter (supplied on location by Bulgaria's air force).