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Heathrow militarised in Edge Of Tomorrow

Edge Of Tomorrow (2014) - this witty remix of Starship Troopers and Groundhog Day is director Doug Liman's best genre movie so far.

Puma over London in Edge Of Tomorrow

It begins on an RAF flight, by a Westland HC.2 Puma (Eurocopter SA-330), over London, which lands in Trafalgar Square, to bring American media officer Cage (Tom Cruise) to the united forces HQ.
RAF helicopter in Edge Of Tomorrow

Westland Puma lands in Trafalgar Square

We see a sci-fi quad-copter variant of the Osprey tilt-rotor perform VTOL ops from a military staging area at Heathrow, in prep for the invasion of occupied France.

There are also Boeing CH-47 Chinook transports and (possibly) AH-64 Apache helicopters, probably all CGI, crossing the airport skyline.

military airport in Edge Of Tomorrow

The special effects showcase launching squadrons of those quad-copter 'drop-ships' is accompanied by several Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey and Eurocopter EC-665 Tiger choppers, which appear throughout numerous action sequences in successive narrative time-loops.

drop-ships leave Heathrow in Edge Of Tomorrow

Mimicking the massive bombing raids of WW2, the sky over the English channel fills up with aircraft, all heading for Normandy.
attacking French coast in Edge Of Tomorrow

helicopter warfare in Edge Of Tomorrow

When the cowardly Cage first meets super-heroine Rita (Emily Blunt), it's on a battlefield beach of death, where missiles rain down while drop-ships, and other helicopters, burn and crash or crash 'n' burn around the mecha-infantry soldiers in clanking power-armour.

War veteran Rita totes a makeshift sword, salvaged from a helicopter's rotor blade.
Chinook sighting in Edge Of Tomorrow

There's plenty of documentary style in the usually hectic fighting sequences, mostly seen from ground level with various helicopter types appearing briefly as the ubiquitous backdrop to fast-paced combat.
Tiger helicopter in Edge Of Tomorrow

Osprey flying over battle in Edge Of Tomorrow

airborne combat in Edge Of Tomorrow

Action-replay battle scenes re-use key shots of the deployment and/ or destruction of rotorcraft, seen from different angles, and these visualisations of sci-fi combat prove to be an effective combination of Saving Private Ryan, Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, the aforementioned Starship Troopers, Battle: Los Angeles, and - of course - Aliens.
low-flying Chinook in Edge Of Tomorrow

exploding drop-ship in Edge Of Tomorrow
Perhaps the drop-ship that always seems to be crashing is a repetitive homage a Black Hawk Down..?

Later, our heroes find a Schweizer 300C (Hughes 269) at the farm, but this helicopter is attacked by an alien, causing it to spin out of control and crash inside a barn.
farm helicopter in Edge Of Tomorrow

Rita is the first pilot of the model 300 helicopter.
Schweizer 300C in Edge Of Tomorrow

After another storyline re-set, the small chopper flies to a dam in Germany, in search of the alien brain-creature.
alien vs helicopter in Edge Of Tomorrow

helicopter flight to Germany in Edge Of Tomorrow

The grand finale sees J-squad, led by Rita and Cage, hi-jack a drop-ship for a desperate mission to Paris, where the Omega alien hides in a flooded garage under the Louvre.

The copter is shot down by enemy fire and crashes in the Seine, but soldiers manage to run the tilt-rotor's engines long enough for use like an air-boat ride down the river to the museum.

Following the climactic victory action, Cage's do-or-die day starts afresh with another landing of the Puma in London.
helicopter strikes Paris in Edge Of Tomorrow