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3 helicopters in District 13: Ultimatum

District 13: Ultimatum (aka: Banlieue 13: Ultimatum, 2009) - this futuristic action thriller is a sequel to French movie District 13.

This features three Twin Huey helicopters in the sequence where commando police land atop residential tower blocks in a targeted ghetto.

However, there is a glaring continuity error in this helicopter sequence: one Twin Huey and two Gazelles take off and begin their flight to the target building but, en route, the two Gazelles change into Twin Hueys.
Twin Huey in District 13: Ultimatum

different helicopters in District 13: Ultimatum

The helicopters from which the commandos descend on ropes are are Agusta-Bell AB 212 machines (borrowed from the Serbian police. Part of the movie was shot in Serbia).

These early Twin 212 versions have a big fin on top to aid manoeuvring when flying with instruments.

[Thanks to Hegyi Istvan for these pictures and some info.]
helicopter action for District 13: Ultimatum

Agusta-Bell 212 in District 13: Ultimatum