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Doctor Who (1963-) - this British sci-fi adventure series, about a mysterious alien hero played over the years by several actors, became one of the most successful franchised telly entertainments produced by the BBC.

The Ambassadors Of Death (1970) - this story, with Jon Pertwee as the heroic Time Lord, has a chopper (an Aerospatiale SA-318C Alouette II, with infamous 'godawful' reg. number) dropping grenades onto a military convoy, as part of the criminal plot to hi-jack a recovered space capsule from the 2nd manned mission to Mars.

Jon Pertwee riding high
Alouette II in Dr Who

The Daemons (1971) - this adventure features a U.N.I.T. helicopter (a Hughes 269 / 300 series, with G-UNIT reg.) that is flown to Devil's End. At one point, the chopper is hi-jacked and then later destroyed in a flying accident when it hits a force-field.
Hughes 269 in The Daemons

Sea Devils helicopter
The Sea Devils (1972) - there are Royal Navy helicopters in this memorable TV adventure. In one episode, a Westland Sea King flies to rescue the Doctor and his companion, but (in a continuity error) the military chopper that arrives is a Westland Wessex SAR flight - seen hovering over the coastline in this shot.

The Green Death (1973) - another save-the-world adventure starring Pertwee as the heroic Time Lord, this story about toxic waste and weird mutations is, sometimes fondly, remembered as "the one with the maggots"...

It features a rotary action sequence (laughingly called an 'air strike') involving a single Hughes 269-B helicopter, used by the RAF to drop explosive devices upon the hordes of squirming monsters emerging from a disused Welsh coal mine.
Hughes helicopter in Green Death

Green Death flying stunt

Invasion Of The Dinosaurs (1974) - this story about prehistoric monsters includes stock footage of a British army helicopter (a Westland Scout) during one chase sequence.
Scout helicopter in Dr Who

Planet Of The Spiders (1974) - this arachnophobia horror story features the prototype Campbell Super Cricket autogyro; later used in the 1980s by the British Airways display team, until it crashed.

The Doctor (Pertwee's final appearance before the character regenerated into Tom Baker), gets airborne to chase a bad guy that stole the Who-mobile car.
autogyro in Dr Who

The Seeds Of Doom (1976) - in this six-part adventure, the first episode has a Huey type helicopter (an obvious model on a miniature set) flying the heroes to an Antarctic research base.
Huey model in Dr Who

Bell 206 in Dr Who
Battlefield helicopter

Battlefield (1989) - this adventure, with the 7th Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), features a Bell 206 JetRanger (reg. G-HELO), used by UNIT's Brigadier to fly into Irish village Carbury but, on arrival, the helicopter is shot down by a villain's magic powers.
JetRanger in Doctor Who: Battlefield

Day Of The Doctor (2013) - in this 50th anniversay episode, the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) hangs beneath the TARDIS, when his time-and-space machine is airlifted across London by a UNIT helicopter (an Agusta-Westland AW-109 Power).
Day Of The Doctor helicopter

AW-109 flight over London in Day Of The Doctor